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Training new hires and keeping existing team members sharp is no easy feat—especially when you’re separated by screens. Information can get lost in translation and recruits might struggle to stay engaged. Give your team the instructions they need, when they need them

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On Demand Instructional Experience

The startup environment is notoriously fast-paced, making on-the-go training a challenge. With Vidstep, your staff can enjoy the benefits of on-demand microlearning and make professional education a more engaging and standardised experience.

Consolidated Videos

Whether you classify your videos according to team or topic, get full access to each one from a single, unified workspace accessible to your entire organisation.

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Superior Embedding

Create your video once and watch it from virtually anywhere through one-step embedding functions.

Rich Analytics

It can be a challenge to monitor your entire library of video content and make intelligent decisions through analytics. With Vidstep, you can easily track how your videos are being watched and spot patterns that lead you to improved performance over time.

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