Vidstep Grows The Lifetime Value of Your Customers

Create instructional videos for sales, support, and team.
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Vidstep Examples

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Products & Equipment

A revolutionary way to increase product sales in eCommerce and enable instant in video purchases.


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Instructions & Support

Increase customer experience with assembly & usage instructions to lift consumable sales plus up-sell and re-sell.


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Your Team Behind The Product

Increase team professionalism and quality to drive up customer satisfaction and keep them coming back for more.

Create How To Guides using Video

Vidstep provides a platform for creating easy to follow, step by step, instructional videos for any “know-how” knowledge you need to share

Simple & Precise Instructional Videos

Vidstep makes it simple to transform any video into step by step instructional support that your team, clients and audiences will love.

While a Vidstep is easy to create and simple to follow, it’s next level in terms of delivering the best how to videos for your team or your audience.

Easy to Use App

Simply upload an instructional video from any source and then add your steps, instructions, and supporting resources. You can also add any product information referenced in the video.

Once you publish and share, viewers can follow the step instructions and checklist now built into your video, plus access all supporting resources.

Supports Existing Software

Attach or embed Vidsteps into your job management, project management, online learning system, and CRM software.

Your existing management tools are perfect for telling you the ‘who, what, and when’. With Vidstep, you can add the most important element… the ‘How’.

Real World Instructions

Each Vidstep is published not only with its own unique URL, but also a QR code. Simply place the QR code onto any product, item or equipment. Users will be able to scan it with a mobile device to access your Vidstep.

Add value by including safety information, product specs or resources to create a better and more efficient client experience!

In Video Product & Purchases

A powerful new way to market and sell without annoying in-app ads or interruptions to your video. List the products referenced or recommended in your Vidstep, while not obstructing the audience’s view.

Whether it’s products, services, tools, materials, or ingredients… you can educate, promote, or upsell users straight from a Vidstep.

Influencer & Content Marketing

Whether you’re an influencer, industry expert, or social media guru. Vidstep allows you to produce something much more valuable than a simple video.

List your Vidstep on the marketplace to create high-value and monetized private content.

Make the “How” something to remember

Whether you’re providing training for your remote team, giving your customers important information, or sharing guides with your online audience, Vidstep’s specialized platform makes it easy to educate anyone, anywhere, in a way that they’ll remember.

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