Built for Agencies

For many agencies and consultants, managing multiple brands and clients can be overwhelming. That’s why we built Vidstep to offer faster, simpler and more impactful video creation.

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Unifying Your Media Within a Single Platform

When running an agency, it can be all too easy to lose your data in the mix of things—tracking your progress across multiple platforms and losing visibility when sharing internal video files. Vidstep solves this problem by unifying your media within a single interface, so you can monitor performance and control who sees your content.

Consolidated Client and Brand Management

Categorise your instructionals and demonstrations according to client and brand. Make the organisational process even more seamless with simple tags and filters.

Sales Demonstrations
Instructions Team
Instructions Team
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Native Learning for Teams

Create easy-to-follow educational content for your teams by breaking your video down into steps and attaching the appropriate resources. In-house learning has never been easier.

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